Take notes


The seaside route is characterized by the presence of Sarecene Towers.
So from Lecce reach Torre Lapillo / Porto Cesareo for the beaches and the sea (the old villages have very little, except towers). If you choose to visit one, go to Porto Cesareo and grab an ice cream at one of its many pubs (Maybe the Prince, near the famous statue dell’Arcuri). Weather permitting, you can make a jump over to the island of rabbits, where the sea is wonderful. In the harbor you’ll find dozens of brave old men ready to take you to the island in 5 minutes.

Continuing the tour you can head down towards Tower Inserraglio: here you’ll find The Prickly Pear which is a local pub on the street. It’s not the best quality, but it’s historic, and great for appetizers. In front of you you’ll have a moving sight thanks to the very old Torre Uluzzo and the cliff overlooking the sea.

If you have time (it would take a whole day), you can go to Porto Selvaggio and enjoy the unspoiled nature of a cove, which you’ll reach after a few km walk through the pine forest. Continuing on are the very nice seas of Santa Caterina and Santa Maria al Bagno (to visit, even here, their towers).

Further down you will find Gallipoli – worth a visit because it is a little gem on the sea. We say it’s the equivalent of Otranto to the Ionian coast. If you still have time you can get almost to the head of Leuca and take a trip through the balmy waters of the Maldives of Salento. The return to Lecce is easier from Gallipoli because you can take the highway, but also the “country-country” solution makes the experience even more efficient.