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Making your way to Lecce from Punta San Cataldo, southbound via the coastal road towards Torre dell’orso, you will find fairly nice beaches. During the descent you will hit the Cesine Nature Reserve and, above all, The Cave of Poetry – a very beautiful natural pool.

After a bathe, continue to Torre dell’orso, towards Otranto. The road will take you to the Alimini Lakes – small saltwater lakes. Otranto is magnificent – it is practically a country in a castle. Go and make your way around the old town, the ramparts, the cathedral with the skulls of 500 martyrs and the castle. If you are lucky, on particularly clear days, you can see the mountains of Albania from the ramparts.

Nearby, you can visit Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme and, above all, the quarries of Bauxite.
The area is also known as Salento Greece, where he is said to have founded the pinch and the essence of Salento as it is known in the rest of Italy. Before leaving, keep an eye on the what festivals will be on while you’re there. If you are lucky you will visit some in the nearby villages. You may return to Lecce passing from Maglie (the country of Aldo Moro) and making a short visit to the historic center. From there you can take the highway Maglie Lecce.