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Every year, during the Christmas period, more than 100 Living and Artistic Nativity scenes are set up in Salento. A tradition of the Salento Nativity scene that began many centuries ago and is renewed every year throughout the territory.

The oldest crib in Salento dates back to 1500, made by sculptor Barba and preserved in the church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Galatina. The legend, however, says that, in fact, the first artistic crib in the world was made in our land in 1222. It was in Salento that St. Francis of Assisi, returning from the East, stopped during the Christmas period in Lecce. Here he created a crib with statues of terracotta.
Tradition, that of terracotta, which still excels in the creation of artistic nativity scenes in Salento.
In addition to these, over 100 Living Nativity scenes are set up throughout the territory.
In the suggested tour, a list of the most beautiful.

Suggested tour

Tricase https://goo.gl/maps/R7wYwUAVf852
Santa Cesarea Terme https://goo.gl/maps/wa1kSsxT1pm
Sternatia https://goo.gl/maps/BQRDqAEnqV82
Neviano https://goo.gl/maps/Rcm86eXcxw72
Corsano https://goo.gl/maps/kmUpRR4E4cx
Vignacastrisi https://goo.gl/maps/gC9hvjp9Ffk
Gemini https://goo.gl/maps/Qi97hjGsafL2
Corigliano d’Otranto https://goo.gl/maps/b1JvCg31Wxo
Torrepaduli https://goo.gl/maps/tZCTuRUwGLm
Gallipoli https://goo.gl/maps/KCMVV6ZHKek
Caprarica https://goo.gl/maps/HwRyErRNWRT2

Mappa completa https://goo.gl/maps/4h5zvaReXQL2