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La Notte della Taranta is the largest festivals in Italy and one of the most significant manifestations of popular culture in Europe. It takes place in Salento and is dedicated specifically to the discovery and promotion of traditional music of Salento and its fusion with other musical languages, from world music to rock, from jazz to symphonic music.

The first edition of the FESTIVAL OF THE NIGHT TARANTA dates back to 1998 and is characterized by a series of musical stages around the Salento, which have as a final stage of the famous “Concertone of Melpignano”

The Tour will be held from August 2nd to 24th and will end with the Concertone Final on August 25th.

This year’s Mastro Concertatore will be Madame and Enrico Melozzi while one of the highlights will be the live broadcast on Rai1.

More Infos:

Tour 2021

August 4th | Corigliano D’Otranto
August 5th | Nardò
August 6th | Alberobello
August 7th | Alessano
August 8th | Sogliano Cavour
August 9th | Cursi
August 10th | Taranto
August 11st | Calimera
August 12nd | Carpignano Salentino
August 13rd | Lecce
August 14th | Nociglia
August 16th | Racale
August 17th | Ugento
August 18th | Cutrofiano
August 19th | Galatone
August 20th | Zollino
August 21st | Castrignano De’ Greci
August 22nd | Galatina
August 23rd | Martignano
August 24th | Soleto
August 25th | Sternatia
August 26th | Martano